Deepening Our Love of Yarn & Knitting

I was watching an episode of a knitting vlogger that YouTube recommended to me the other day…

When I first learned to knit as a child, I never could have imagined how important the skill would be for my distant future.

5 Reasons To Try Farm Yarn Today

Farm yarn is totally underrated in the knitting community, at least it is in my opinion. I’m here today to share with you the reasons why it might be time to give it a try!                                                                         

close up of prickly pear cactus with beautiful pink bulbs

My Yarn Was Dyed With Bugs?!

Yes! At least many of the pink and purple yarns you can find in my shop were dyed with insects. Insects are just one of the many sources of natural dye, but a very fun one for us to explore today.

Gratitude Gathering 2020

As we find ourselves staring into the upcoming holiday season, I’ve been taking inventory of all my blessings. One thing I think we have in common is our appreciation for our crafting skills and associated materials.

Why Knit with Non-Superwash Wool Yarn?

“So, why would you want to use non-superwash yarn?” It’s a valid question and one I’ve seen come up more than once in knitting groups– especially among newer knitters. Superwash wool is easy to care for and who wouldn’t want that?!