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Joy Affirmations to Create a Life You Love

I believe there are several keys to living a life you love…

Having a purpose and pursuing it, giving and receiving love, being comfortable in your own skin and speaking your truth, and living in a state of joy as often as you can are a few important ones.

While it’s obviously not possible to live blissed-out on joy every second of every day–we are humans living in a world filled with pain, struggle, and sorrow–I do believe that when we can find more joy in our lives, it makes the whole world a better place. And who doesn’t want that?!

Creating a life filled with joy is the dream, right?

To live a joyful life would feel so good and make life worth living all the more. And it makes life better for every other person with which you come in contact!

Think about it. Grabbing the door for the dad who’s struggling to get the stroller inside. A genuine thank you to the woman filling your vehicle’s gas tank (I do live in Oregon after all, where we’re not allowed to pump our own gas🤣). Even just a quick smile to the passing stranger. The simplest of kind gestures can imprint onto a soul for the better and even if not obvious, speak to the subconscious, making life better for everyone.   

If like me, you’re seeking to find more joy in your life for your own benefit as well as others,  daily joy affirmations can be a big help.

An affirmation is a sentence that’s repeated throughout your day giving you a moment to focus your thoughts on what you want them to be thinking about, rather than letting them run away in whichever direction they want to go.

Affirmations give you your control back.

Joy affirmations focus your attention on specifically creating more joy in your life.

When an affirmation is repeated enough, your brain accepts the affirmation as normal and you will soon find yourself believing these things without even needing to repeat them to yourself. How often you want to repeat them is completely up to you, but I’d recommend beginning with 3-5 times per day. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to take a moment to stop, breathe, and say your chosen affirmations out loud (if possible). Choose one affirmation or up to three or four. Bonus points if you say them out loud while staring at yourself in the mirror. Super duper extra bonus points if you speak them while standing in a power pose while staring at yourself in the mirror!

If you’re ready to give joy affirmations a try, here are some of my favorites to give you a starting point:

  • When I’m grounded in gratitude, my life fills with joy.
  • Joy fills me easily and consistently.
  • I am joy.
  • Every day I feel more and more joyful.
  • I breathe in joy, I exhale suffering.
  • Joy is all around me.
  • Good things happen to me every single day. <– A personal fav!
  • I am so grateful for the joy that fills me.

Click the image below to download a pretty copy of your joy affirmations. Print and hang anywhere within easy sight!

Mindy Kingery

Mindy Kingery

When I'm not dyeing, designing or dreaming of yarn, you can find me digging in my garden, hiking with my family or working on one of my many, many WIPs.


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