blue, pink, purple, yellow variegated hand dyed yarn sitting on old wooden fence post with juniper trees in background
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New Naturally Dyed Yarn

Header photo above: Monkeyflower on worsted weight

Ooohhh, look, new yarn! It’s naturally dyed too.

I’m thrilled to announce the brand-new Desert Bloom Collection of naturally dyed yarn! Living in the high desert in winter, my immediate world is surrounded by dust, brown, and barely green. Staring across my barren, dusty property, I found myself imagining what it would look like in a full desert bloom. 

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this naturally dyed yarn collection is made with U.S. wool from a four-generation ranch and dyed with ethically sourced natural extracts and homegrown flowers. Yarn is available on worsted weight (medium/4) and fingering/sock weight (super fine/1).

Henlia Handmade helps eco-conscious knitters create with a lighter environmental footstep.

The Desert Bloom Collection is exclusively sold by pre-order right here at

Photo: Fireweed on fingering/sock weight

This yarn is designed to showcase how to create with nature by using farm-fresh wool and dyes from the land.

Creating with this yarn connects knitters and crocheters so deeply to the sheep that it almost feels as though they have a sheep of their own.

All eight new naturally dyed yarns feature variegated colorways to further boost creativity and the pure joy of creating. This is yarn in full bloom.

The collection is dyed on 2-ply, rustic, but soft farm wool which aids knitters in creating projects that feel as close to the earth as possible.

Each naturally dyed colorway has its own name inspired by her local wildflowers. A few examples are:

  • Fireweed
  • Larkspur
  • Prairie Star
  • Monkeyflower

Yarn from the Desert Bloom Collection is priced at $36/skein. 

I am excited to introduce my fiber friends to the new naturally dyed collection you’ve been waiting for.

multi-colored yarn twisted into hank sitting on top of a juniper tree branch

Photo: Spotted Fritillary on fingering/sock weight

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