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Enchanting Fall | Hand-Dyed Yarn


Hand-Dyed Yarn | Naturally

The beauty of the season in the palm of your hand



The beauty of the season in the palm of your hand

It’s that jaw-dropping time of year when the leaves are a kaleidoscope of colors. Want to preserve that seasonal magic to admire the whole year long? With Enchanting Fall, these colors will never turn brown. You can knit that mosaic of colors into your favorite autumn shawl, hat or sweater. 

Coordinating beautifully with Pick a Peck of Pumpkins, Purple Harvest or Have a Gray Speckly Day, this fall-inspired colorway will have you enjoying that special transformation of nature every time you see your new Enchanting Fall.

Variegated colorways are so much fun to knit! While I do my very best to recreate each skein to look like the next, they are dyed by hand with natural materials. You can be sure each one will be unique. It’s the best thing about knitting with nature! (Don’t forget: whenever you knit multi-skein projects, it’s best practice to alternate skeins every couple of rows.)

The more saturated colors of this colorway make it more prone to leftover excess dye matter. Fear not my fiber-lover, this does not mean the dye isn’t set properly, it simply means it might need a few extra washes before all those particles rinse out. Imagine teeny-tiny little pieces of petals, roots or insects (yep!) that take awhile to dislodge from all the amazing woolliness.

The fingering weight features:
  • 100 grams/~446 yards
  • 100% U.S. Cormo wool
  • Non-superwash 2-ply yarn
  • 27-32 stitches per 4 inches
  • Suggested needle size: US 1-3/2.25-3.25 mm
  • 21-32 sc per 4 inches
  • Suggested hook size: B-1 to E-4/2.25-3.5 mm
The worsted weight features:
  • 100 grams/~200 yards
  • 100% U.S. Rambouillet wool
  • Non-superwash 2-ply yarn
  • 16-20 stitches per 4 inches
  • Suggested needle size: US 7-9/4.5-5.5mm
  • 21-32 sc per 4 inches
  • Suggested hook size: G-I/4.5-5.5 mm

You may also like to know:

–> Each skein is 100 grams of rustic, yet soft and yummy wool yarn grown and milled in Wyoming. Yarn is lovingly dyed with natural materials ethically sourced and/or grown in my Central Oregon garden. The yarn label features plantable wildflower seed paper so that you can enjoy even more of nature’s beauty!

–> When you purchase one of our hanks of yarn, you’re supporting local ranchers and a woman-owned fiber mill to keep our small communities thriving. You’ll be creating on-trend projects while using dyes that are the gentlest on our environment by keeping our water sources clean. Knitting with this yarn will connect you so deeply to the sheep it will almost feel like you have one of your own!

–> This yarn is farm-fresh. It arrives full of vegetation leftover from the sheep’s shenanigans out in their field. I pick out as much as I can by hand, but there will likely be some leftover bits that I’ve missed. Just consider these extra love from the sheep! Baaaa…

–> Every effort will be made to package your order in an environmentally-friendly way using recycled and/or reused materials. 


***Hand wash cool***

Great care was taken to ensure dye was set properly. However, it is normal for natural dye matter to continue to rinse for the first few washes.

Additional information

Weight 3.527 oz
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 in
Yarn Weight

DK, Fingering, Worsted


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