Made in the U.S.

Beautiful yarn dyed, spun and raised all in the U.S.? Yes, please!

Do you check for those labels that say “Made in the USA”? Our yarn doesn’t have that physical label, but rest-assured that every skein from the sheep it’s sheared from, to the spinning of that squishy yarn to my own garden-grown dyes (plus a few others sourced in the U.S.) are all Made in the USA. This means you get soft, pure wool that’s traceable to the very ranch it came from. The love you feel when you hold your yarn started the moment those sheep were born.

Minimized Environmental Footprint

Garden plants, plantable labels, reusable packaging, oh my!

You need yarn. Why not get yarn that uses as few of our natural resources as possible? While you happily knit away on your favorite projects, you also get an extra boost of dopamine knowing your new yarn keeps our waterways clean. Squeeze a skein and you’ll actually feel the love and care that went into raising those beautiful sheep. In every admiring gaze of your favorite colorways, you’ll know that less waste and more love went into those natural dyes. Your eco-packaged shipment will not only deliver your yarn safely to your doorstep, it’s also reusable. You can reuse it around the house, sure, but if your order arrives in a 100% recycled poly mailer, you’ll be able to easily reship with it because it comes with an extra adhesive strip.

While there’s always room for improving how we treat our Earth, these are some key efforts we’re currently focusing on:

  • Growing as many of our own dyes as we can
  • Reusing water whenever possible
  • Yarn wraps (labels) are printed on wildflower seed paper that you can plant and grow on your windowsill or in your garden
  • Business cards and the included Love It? Cards printed on recycled cotton T-shirts
  • All shipping materials are made of 100% recycled products or, occasionally, reused packaging from our own orders
  • Suppliers chosen based on their own commitment to taking care of our environment

Supporting Small Businesses

Make many lives brighter

Your hard-earned money works many times over when you choose yarn from our shop. You’re not only helping to support our own family; you’re also helping keep many other small businesses running and thriving. We’re always working on sourcing responsibly, but here are a few of the ways we use supplies from other small businesses:

  • All “blank” yarn for dyeing
  • Yarn labels
  • Several different dye sources
  • Shipping materials
  • Shipping software
  • Printing materials
  • Accessories

Giving Back

Supporting us means a healthier earth and happier animals

We know you want to do your part to protect our environment. We also know you love sheep, alpacas, and all animals. We do too! That’s why a portion of all yarn sales goes to worthy organizations supporting what we believe in health, safety, and love for all. With every skein you purchase, $1 is donated to One Tree Planted, and $1 is donated to Harmony Farm Sanctuary. We are a micro business, so the amount is slowly growing, but as of August 1, 2023, we’ve donated $1484 to these important causes. If you have an organization you’d love to see us support, send us a note so we can explore possible ways to help!